About Us

The Mission:

"To encourage the development and perpetuation of heritage crafts by the display of our products and the demonstration of the skills required for their production. To share what we have learned and developed with all who may be interested." 

The Village of Yesteryear is a "working artists" village that features traditional heritage hand crafts. Demonstrations are performed using skills that, for many, have been passed down for generations. Our goal is to encourage the development and perpetuation of these skills.

The craftspeople do their best to create an exciting learning experience for the visiting public. They wear period costumes and continuously talk about and demonstrate their craft.

The approximately 100 members are like a big, sharing, caring family. During the fair, several hundred thousand people pass in front of the booths. The people are young and old - from all walks of life. Some are being fascinated by the exhibits and exhibitors for the first time; others have been returning year after year.

The Village was founded in 1951 by Dr. Dorton in conjunction with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. Mary Cornwell was appointed the first director and continued until her retirement in 1990. Our current director and exhibiting member is Pamela Earp. The Village now occupies the Holshouser building located on the fairgrounds in Raleigh for the 11 days of the North Carolina State Fair which is held every October.

Please take a moment to view the different types of crafts and meet the members who create them.

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