Our Artists and Craftsmen

The Village Of Yesteryear has approximately 100 heritage crafts demonstrators and teachers in our building each year.  Each of our members is an artist and craftsperson who has done amazing works in his or her field.  The Village allows the members to show their personally made crafts and sell items they themselves have made.  No items sold in the Village of Yesteryear was made by others.

We have several pages of information about our Village of Yesteryear Displaying Members. Below is a list of the five index pages showing you how to find the crafts or members for which you may be looking .

1- The first page is our Village Members Sorted by their Craft.  This is actually a collection of webpages  with contact information on each member. Click >>HERE<< to go to that page

2 - The second page is a listing of  VIllage Members by Last Name.  This list only has displaying members, it does not include past members or associate members.  This page has links to the individual webpage we have for each village member.  Once there just click the name and it will take you to their contact information.  To go to the page click >>HERE<<

3- The Third page is a page to help you find our members when you go to the village.  It has their booth numbers listed in order and a building diagram to help you find the booths.  This page does not have links to the member contact information webpages. To go to the booth list page click >>HERE<<

4- The fourth page is our Past Village Members. This page is designed to help you keep up with a favorite craftsperson or artist who may no longer be able to be at the Village of Yesteryear.   To go to the Past Member page click >>HERE<<

5- The final page is for our "Guest Booth."  This booth os for village members who no longer attend the full event or  craft groups who teach crafts to village visitors.  To visit the Guest Booth page click >>HERE<<

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