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Bonnie Pulver has been a weaver since 1979. She first studied weaving at Greenfield Village, located in Dearborn, MI. Living in Greenville, North Carolina, her studio is in her home. Bonnie weaves rag rugs, shawls, scarves, purses, bands, bookmarks, sashes and friendship bracelets. She also demonstrates flair of imagination with her art animals, dolls and much more. She is a member of several weaving and art guilds in Eastern North Carolina and her weavings have been juried in to numerous art shows. Weavings that come out of her studio sometimes go into other artists studios. Bands are placed as adornment on clothing and shoes and become an exciting fusion of ideas.

She demonstrates her weaving skills not only at the Village of Yesteryear, but annually at the Duke Homestead in Durham in June and the Malcolm Blue Farm in Aberdeen in September. She teaches heritage art classes at the Greenville Museum of Art, not only to adults but also to children. She helps bring many back to their roots.

Weaving is not her only artistic outlet. That talent filters down into many creations in the forms of painting, stained glass and hand formed pottery, to mention a few. She is Past-President of Brushstrokes, a local group of painters operating in Pitt County that meets in order to share ideas, network and help each other through critiques. Her work has recently been on display at the Greenville Museum of Art, the Kinston Community Council of the Arts, the Greenville City Hall and with the Greenville Historical Society.

Bonnie sells her work at the above websites and through her home. She urges you to email her for anything you are interested in. 

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