Gourd Art - Gloria Small 

Gourds by Gloria

620 Wilderness Trail

Trinity, N.C. 27370


e-mail: gourdflower@live.com

facebook site: http://facebook.com/GourdFlower

Gloria is a self taught award winning gourd artisan that enjoys all aspects of gourds... Growing, Crafting and Teaching. Born, raised and lived in Randolph County all her life she is a true Southern Lady. She fell in love with the fast growing vegetable in 1996 when she planted

her first gourd seeds. Her love for gourds grew in 1999 when she viewed the art of Dyan Mai Peterson while on vacation in the N.C. Mountains. Now she discovered what could be done with gourds and she had acquired several from her previous years of gardening to experiment with. Gloria enjoys teaching “gourd” classes at the four

local Randolph County Senior Adults Centers and is constantly

amazed at what her students teach her. Gourd arts classes are now available at two Randolph Community College campuses; Asheboro and Archdale. Her art is available locally at the “Morning Arts Center” through the Randolph Arts Guild in Asheboro, N.C. Gourds are also available online in Gloria’s Gourd Art Albums.

Look for Gourds by Gloria at the North Carolina State Fair

Village of Yesteryear” in October annually..

Thank you for looking & have a gourd day!

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