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Just a couple of hundred yards from "the" stoplight in Seagrove, and a block away from the historic "Plank Road", David and Deborah Garner ply their trade, just like David's forefathers did almost 300 years ago. David's involvement with clay and pottery began at such an early age, he can't quite remember when he first saw a pot being turned on a potter's wheel. In spite of being around clay from such an early age, David continued his studies at UNCG, Randolph Community College, and Montgomery Community College. At one point he studied with a Japanese potter for 2 years, and credits a meeting with Michael Cardew with opening his eyes to the endless possibilities of working with clay. Cardew, by the way, was an early student of the English potter Bernard Leach, and a master potter in his own right. David also worked for Ben Owen, Sr., and Waymon Cole at J.B. Cole Pottery.

Not being afraid of change, and challenge, the Garners study pots and techniques from around the world - always evolving, constantly critiquing, yet continually being satisfied with being able to make their living from their hands, hearts, and their minds. In order to satisfy their own curiosity, and to provide a variety of work from which their clientele and collectors may choose, David and Deborah decorate and fire their wares in several different ways. They utilize raku technique's first developed in Japan for their decorative vases, slip carved underglaze decoration for functional stoneware (Deborah has the gift in this department!), and also fire celadons, shinos, and copper reds in one wood-fired kiln, and salt-glazed ware in yet another. Although their work appears in museums and collections worldwide, their highest and favorite compliments come from folks that use their pots in their homes every day.

David and Deborah opened the doors of Turn and Burn Pottery in 1984. We've been in the Village since1988 and have spread the "Seagrove gospel" for over 15 years at the Village of Yesteryear at the NC State Fair. As to the Gospel, David and Deborah sign each piece with a verse of scripture. David says, "As Christians we try to share the Word any way we can. Interesting things happen in our shop as a direct result of people seeing the Scripture references. Some pour out their heart, some buy a piece because of the specific verse on it, some ask us to pray for them, and some are offended by it and walk out." The shop is open from 9-5 Mon-Sat,

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