Silversmith - Dan Dye 


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I began my jewelry-making life with a part-time job during my senior

year of college in 1971. I have always had a creative nature, expressed

mostly through drawing and painting. Something in the three-dimensional

aspect of jewelry quickly drew me in. I worked for 14 months in my

apprenticeship before going out on my own to explore my own ideas of design

and construction. I am most interested in shapes found in nature, especially

spirals and curves. I especially enjoy the challenge of trying to recreate

the beauty of a flower or plant in silver and gold. Everything I make is

totally hand-fabricated from forges pieces of wire and/or sheet metal.

Nothing is cast and thus each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

Since joining the Village in 1986, the variety and complexity of my

work has grown considerably. I now make all forms of jewelry as well as over

30 different sterling silver Christmas ornaments. I have also created a

series of sterling napkin rings and candle holders with wildflower and leaf

shapes. Each year, I begin in the Spring to prepare for the State Fair. My

inventory includes a large variety of items in a wide price range, from

simple rings, to bracelets, to earrings and necklaces with semi-precious stones.

Silversmithing in the Village of Yesteryear has become an event for my

whole family. My daughters (now in their 30's) have grown up helping with

customers, along with my wife, Nancy, our parents and now our son-in-law.

Even though the schedule is demanding, this has become a family tradition

which I hope to continue for years to come.

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