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Anitra Stone

4501 New Bern Avenue 130-333

Raleigh, NC 27610

919-961- 4431

website: http://anitrastone.com

E-mail: MadTatter@aol.com 

In 1979, a search for a less expensive wedding veil led Anitra to reconsider a craft which her mother had tried to teach her years before -- tatting. So on January 1, 1980 they sat down and thus began what has since become a continuous fascination with knotted thread. In the years since then, Anitra has been awarded six ribbons at various North Carolina State Fairs, has taught tatting both through Wake Technical Community College's Continuing Education Program as well as on an individual basis and has been published in The Workbasket Magazine's August 1989 issue.

With future plans for her own book of original patterns, Anitra is doing her part to keep tatting alive and to bring it back into popularity. Her ever-growing collection of books and patterns span a century of time and encircle the globe from Japan to the United States to Italy to Australia. She is always looking to expand her collection by trade or purchase and is willing to help other tatters find a pattern or brush the cobwebs off their shuttles to get started again.

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