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This ancient art originated centuries ago in Ukraine in southeastern Europe. Fine lines are drawn on the raw eggshell with a beeswax pen called a kistka. The egg is dipped in a series of dye baths, going from light colors to dark, with more wax applied after each dye bath. Then all the wax is removed, revealing the colorful design, The eggs are then blown out and varnished for strength and gloss. They should always be displayed away from windows as sunlight may fade the colors.

Kit Lennon learned this ancient art from Ukrainian artists in Minnesota where she has been designing and selling her work since 1981. She moved to North Carolina in 1994. "I’ve always loved the intricacy of this art. For centuries, the egg has symbolized the mystical powers of creation, smooth and hard as a stone, yet bursting with new life. Ukrainian peasants bury eggs in their fields and hang them in fruit trees to ensure fertility and good crops. In the spring, decorated eggs are exchanged among friends and family."

Lennon’s design ideas come from her collection of Ukrainian books and travel in 50 countries. The traditional designs combine ancient symbols with personal style and imagination.

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