Keleidoscopes - Allen Woody 

Durham NC

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It has been said that in order to see exactly the same pattern twice in a kaleidoscope, the number of times you must turn it is: Infinity to the 84th power.

Kaleidoscopes were invented in 1816 by Sir David Brewster, a Scottish scientist who was studying the properties of light. In addition to being beautiful and pleasing to the eye, kaleidoscopes are perhaps the world’s best natural stress reliever – simply kick back in an easy chair, look through the eyepiece, and turn away for a few minutes. You can feel your stresses and troubles slipping away.

Allen  makes a variety of sizes and styles of kaleidoscopes with a wide range of materials and prices. Many are one-of-a kind. Custom orders are welcomed. You are limited only by your imagination.

One of the most popular kaleidoscopes is the “Make Your Own.” While intended for children, people of all ages enjoy making them! He is available to take these to children’s parties and works with each child so they can take their own kaleidoscope home with them.

Although the Village of Yesteryear is his major exhibit, he does a few other shows throughout the year, and please free to contact him for a show schedule. He is available for visits tohisr shop by appointment only.

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